Sunday, November 30, 2008


A day or so ago the climate changes in Bluebonnet and it got all SNOWY! And, that means that I got all excited! I love snow! I have such plans for my snowy retreat! It will have lights and garlands and other accoutrement!

But, because I got all excited, I mean REALLY excited (like multiple postings which consisted of only "EEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!") Everyone was all laughing at me.

Then, I realized everyone is always laughing at me because I constantly put my foot in my mouth. I need to work on this. Seriously. I do. (It might be because I have little to no filtering system between my thoughts and words.... note to self: find filtering system!)

But, I will leave you with this. It's the first picture I took once the snow went down. I was still squealing. And, Nutty was there to support me.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I Can Haz Brunette?

It all began with Twilight. Laleeta, Aisuru, and I thought it would be a good idea to dress up as characters from the book. Laleeta was Rosalie, Aisuru was Alice and I was Bella. Only problem is, I'm usually blonde. So to be Bella I had to run out and pick up some brown tresses.

Then something terrible happened. I got addicted to the brown hair. I wanted it to stay... FOREVER! I really like the new color and with ETD's huge sale I was could get a TON of new hair in my new shade for cheap!!!! So, the brunette is here to stay. I decree it so!

Then, I decided I needed to post some pictures of my new hair. I plopped myself down on a photo studio and started snapping...... and kept snapping..... and kept snapping..... Okay, I got a bit carried away. I just got really into it, and I liked the artsy feel of some of them. Just love and appreciate.

These are the fruits of my labors:

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Teachings of Nutty

At first I thought I might enter the bunny war. I enlisted my own personal bunny guard. He was cute and competent. I thought I had it made. I would embark on the battlefield of Envision, by way of my magical rainbow bridge, (which merges the joy and joyness of our two great empires) with much courage and valor.

Then, I realized that my bunny guard was a bit jittery. Must be that genetic engineering.... and I couldn't have a guard with an itchy trigger finger. My trek to the battle worn fields of Envision must be delayed.

Then I met my new and Yoda-like furry friend...

The wise and mighty squirrel named Nutty convinced me of the wise ways of pacifism. He let me sit on his great head as he told me great stories of the bunny wars of the past. How there was such heart break with sister bunnies gunning each other down in vicious territory battles. He told me how the squirrels hid in their trees and watched the distruction and how they were spared in this time of great sadness. He said that we should all get allong and have happy bunny parties with s'mores and hot cocoa.

This was a very wise squirrel.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


So I have a giant blinging turkey on the roof of my cottage as "Thanksgiving decoration." In retaliation my neighbor Emerald put out her own thanksgiving dinner. And, uh, Emerald's version of Thanksgiving dinner gives me the chills....

Alicia and I were pondering the origins of the sacrifice and concluded that it must be one two options. First, this unlucky noob tried to go after the lucky chair at the same time as Em, and therefore must die. Or, two, this noob must be the mystery intruder who keeps coming over to Em's cottage and opening the doors incessantly.

Eiter way, dont mess with Em, even when she's wearing skins that make her look huggably cute, like a little Sailor Moon character. She is a tough lady. (Insert angry face here.)

Mmmm, hmmmm. (Insert a more serious and pondering face here.)