Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sehra vs. The Semi of Satan

So, I was driving downtown, minding my own business, being a conscientious driver as usual yesterday. There's a bunch of roadwork near the city and I always drive the speed limit because in areas with roadwork all speeding fines are doubled. I don't like to pay fines. So, here I am puttering along at 55 mph in the slow lane when the Satan Semi pulls up behind me. This giant semi is a garish shade of yellow and from the moment I saw it I knew it was trouble.

The first thing Satan Semi decides to do is tail me. Close. Really close. So close that all I can see in my rear-view mirror is the grill of Satan Semi. Now, I know semi trucks take longer than a regular car to stop and if I stop at this point, all I will be is a skid mark below Satan. At this point I would like to share that the passing lane is wide open.

This continues for around 10 miles. And then, the catastrophic happens. I am quite familiar with the city, so I know that at this one intersection, even though the other lane has the yeild sign, sometimes I have to yield because the yahoos in the other lane don't yield. Yet again, I do not want to be in an unnecessary accident. Unfortunatly, Satan is still behind me. So, I slow just a fraction to make sure no yahoos are going to hit me and Satan decides that this marginal slow-down is compleatly unacceptable. He lays on his horn. Not for just a second, not a couple times, but in a one minute long uninterrupted blare. I do not exxagerate. A full minute of horn.

I hate you Satan!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Feeling Boxy?

And this was only the beginning......