Saturday, October 25, 2008

I Can Smell Pumpkins!

I was feeling all... in the spirit of the season today so I decided to decorate my cottage. I couldn't do too much, I have prim-licious bits inside my home but I did enough to look festive. Out front I set out a Halloweeny lounger a fat pumpkin and a cute little welcome mat.

I especially love the lounger. It just looks so comfy, and the little candy corn on the pillow are so cute! I could sit there for hours. (Seriously, I did!)

And in the back I put out some cute hay bales with pumpkins. You can sit a bunch of different places on them and thye have super cute poses. All my festive outdoors stuff are freebies I picked up. And mostof it came from the Mudhoney/Jenaration hunt. And they are full of cute!

Last but not least, I went out on the great ghost hunt today. It was exausting but I got through all of the ghosts! But during the hunt many fun moments arose, the best of which I have dutifully captured for you below. I found a little rideable-pig-bouncy-thing. I though, "Great! I'll hop on and ride a bit." Ummmm, I really think there is some sort of animation mix up because this is not the sort of ride the pig nor I had in mind.....

I promise piggy...... I'll take it nice and slow.....

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I Can't Keep From Smiling

I probably make the worst goth ever. Look how cheerful I am... and covered in blood. It must be cherry flavored! (Must be!!!)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Meme Joy!

This meme has been circulating the blogs so I figured I'd give it a try. So, I'm not exactly sure how true this is. I like to lead and all, but I'm also happy following. For what it's worth, here are my results:

You Are the King

You are natural leader. You like to rule, and people like to be ruled by you.

You handle responsibility well. You enjoy providing for those who are loyal to you.

You master anything you try, and you refuse to accept failure as an option.

You're especially good at developing strategies and delegating tasks.

You are a total perfectionist. Your standards are hard to live up to.

However, you are also very generous ... at least to those in your inner circle.

What Role Do You Play?

And, while I was at it I decided to find out what tea I am. I really like tea, and I really liked my result. It just felt very me.

You Are Bubble Tea

You are playful, sweet, and light hearted. You almost always have a smile on your face.

You don't take life all that seriously, and you're always up for some laughs.

You are very modern. You are up on the latest food, fashion, and entertainment trends.

You are open minded and open to new experiences. Finding new things to love is a minor obsession of yours.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Stress etc.

RL has been getting in the way of SL lately. As some of you might know, I'm trying to wrap up my "super" senior year of college and I have my senior project looming over me. It's a huge research project and is literally consuming my life as of late. So, yes, I'm sorry for my absence, but I have had NO time. :(

In happier news, My new computer has allowwed me to mess with windlight settings like never before, making my sl experience richer and more beautiful. Seriously, sometimes I just sit around and tweak settings for hours. I am such a windlight snob. Unfortunatly, everytime I see myself in the default settings I look at my avi's face and think, god, you are hideous. All those shadows and akward lines. But then I kick up the gamma and turn off the shadows and I'm like, awww, you are cute little av. Okay, I need to get to my point, which is: I always feel bad that a lot of people are seeing me in default settings, and I wonder if they are like, scarred by my henious face. I'm sorry default people! But it looks so bad when I have on a facelight with my windlight set all nicely.

But I still love you!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Things, They are A-changing!

So, now that I'm all setteled in my new beach cottage, with the best land lord ever (the amazing Alicia Chenaux), I decided it was time for a change of scenery here at the blog too. I wanted something fresh but simple. In the end I landed myself with this little layout.

I think I like it. What do you all think?

(More on my fantabulous beach cottage later)